George Nader gets a Golden Palm Star

There are many of us cheered when George Nader had a Golden Palm Star dedicated to him on the Walk of Stars in Palm Springs, California. However, most of us are not very aware of the struggles that led up to him receiving this honor.

George Nader had a tumultuous life. To say whenever lady luck opened a door to him, she banged another on his face. His early years as an actor were rife with struggle and things did not change much for him even after he established himself in the film industry.

George Nader was a homosexual since his early years and he stayed with his lifelong partner Mark Miller till his dying days. Together, Miller and Nader achieved great heights and saw the lowest of lows. When George Nader had to move to Europe following a homosexual scandal, it was Miller who supported him.

After losing his ability to work under harsh lights in 1975, George Nader turned to writing homosexual erotica. His first book ‘Chrome’ is still the talk in gay literature. His second book was ‘Perils of Paul’ where he wrote about his life’s incidents beings a homosexual in the Hollywood community. George Nader opened the curtain around Hollywood wide enough for a reader to understand what being a gay in Hollywood community actually means.

George Nader was a superb actor who never turned his nose down on any role. Even after signing up with Universal, he never got airs. He would do supporting roles, villain roles and even cameos with a chirp in his voice and a bounce in his step.

These are one of the chief reasons why George Nader made a name for himself even after being classified as only a B-Grade actor.

For those of you who are into old-time cinema, then all movies of George Nader are worth a watch.