Throughout his career George Nader acted in over a 100 films and TV series combined. His first on screen performance was a small role in ‘Memory of Love’ (1949) against Anita Bjork. His second movie was the next year called ‘Rustlers on Horseback’ (1950).

His first starring role was in ‘Robot Monster’ (1953) which was a 3D movie. It went on to do very well on the box office and got George Nader his first contract with Universal. Under the Universal banner, Nader appeared in many supporting and cameo roles.

George Nader was in ‘Sins of Jezebel’, ‘Four Guns to Border’, and ‘Six Bridges to Cross’. His first leading role with Universal was ‘The Second Greatest Sex’ opposite Jeanne Crain, a part which was turned down by Jeff Chandler. His second leading role was again a part turned down by Chandler in ‘Lady Godiva of Coventry’ starring opposite Maureen O’Hara.

Other noteworthy movies of George Nader are ‘Congo Crossing’ where he starred opposite Virginia Mayo, ‘Away all boats’, ‘The unguarded moment’, ‘Four Girls in Town’ and ‘Joe Butterfly’.

There were many TV series in which Nader appeared beginning with ‘Green guild Playhouse’, ‘Big Town’, ‘Schlitz Playhouse of Stars’ and ‘The Loretta Young Show’. There were other serials such as ‘The hallmark hall of fame’, ‘The Pepsi Cola Playhouse’ and ‘Cavalcade of America’ where Nader rendered stellar performances.

After moving to Europe, George Nader appeared in a series of German films called ‘Schüsse aus dem Geigengasten’,  ‘Manhattan Night of Murder’,  ‘The Trap Snaps Shut at Midnight’, and ‘Die Rechnung – eiskalt serviert’ among others where he played his famous character ‘Jerry Cotton’.

While in Europe he also acted in ‘The Millions Eyes of Sumuru’, ‘The House of 1,000 dolls’ and ‘Beyond Atlantis’. The last movie in which George Nader acted was ‘Nakia’ which was a television movie and his final role.