George Nader was born in 1921 in Pasadena, California. His father had Lebanese lineage which gave Nader his strapping looks and brusque personality. Right after completing graduation, Nader signed up with Navy and did his duty in the war. After returning he shifted his focus to following his life’s ambition; acting. George Nader did a series of plays on stage at the Pasadena Playhouse. This is also where he met his partner Mark Miller who will go on to become his best friend and lifelong sweetheart. Miller had a huge hand in Nader’s success. During George Nader’s struggling days it was Miller who did odd jobs as a shoe salesperson among other things to pay for his career. In 1950 Nader appeared in his first film called ‘Rustlers on Horseback’. Unfortunately it did very little to bring him any attention. In 1953, after a series of small roles in many movies, most of which were not credited, Nader signed up for ‘Robot Monster’. The movie did very well in bringing in profits and Nader became an instant hit. He was pulled in by Universal where he worked in a number of supporting roles. There was always something missing with Universal for Nader. He wanted to be a star and Universal could just spare him supporting roles. Soon, he moved to Europe. A broiling scandal was the push that he needed to take leave of Hollywood and try his luck elsewhere. In Europe Nader was an instant hit with his part as a FBI operator in a series of German films. During the late 70s Nader was involved in a car crash which made him undergo an eye surgery. Unfortunately for him he developed Glaucoma soon after and could not stand the bright lights. He moved to Palm Springs where he authored two books called ‘Chrome’ and ‘Perils of Paul. Chrome is a best seller even today.