George Nader was born in Pasadena California to Alice and George Nader, Sr., from a young age he was interested in acting and took many classes to that effect.  A true patriot George Nader served his country as Navy personnel during the war.

George Nader was a true Hollywood star who gave every movie role its due dedication. George Nader has starred in many TV series and full length feature films between the early 50s to late 70s.

George Nader’s life has its own unimaginable ups and downs. However, the thing that marks him different is the vigor and dedication with which he overcame all these troubles. Through every low in his life George Nader struggled hard to find a way out. His partner Mark Miller was known to marvel at Mr. George Nader’s ability to find the silver lining in every dark cloud.

During the late 60s, George Nader had to leave Hollywood and move to Europe. This was because a tabloid ‘Confidential’ threatened to expose his homosexual relations with another A-grade actor Rock Hudson. The funny thing in the whole alleged scandal was that George Nader and Hudson though fast friends were never romantically involved.

In fact, during Hudson’s later years it was George Nader and his partner Miller who took care of Hudson. When Hudson finally died due to a complication resulting from AIDS, he left a majority of his estate to George Nader and Miller together.

In Europe Miller made a name of himself in the film industry by performing in a series of TV serials and movies. However, it was a German film franchise in which he played the part of ‘Jerry Cotton’ that shot him to fame.

George Nader returned to his birthplace California in the early 80s where he lived till his dying days. After writing he even went on to author two books on homosexuality.